Coinbase’s stable currency busd of coin security

Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, announced yesterday (27) that the dollar stable currency binance USD (busd) of its competitor, Qianan, is now open for trading.
Coinbase’s stable currency busd of coin security
Coinbase said that the busd under the Ethereum erc-20 standard was put on the shelves this time, and reminded users, “do not send this asset through other networks, otherwise your funds may be lost.”
In 2019, Qian’an cooperated with the blockchain infrastructure company Paxos to launch busd. Paxos is responsible for hosting the reserve of stable coins. It is currently the 14th largest encryption asset with a market value of more than US $17.4 billion.
According to the data of coinmarketcap, coin security and coinbase are the two largest cryptocurrency spot exchanges in the world at present.
When asked about the stable currencies of competitors on the market, a coinbase spokesman said that the company would not comment on the listing of specific currencies; Coin security did not respond to the request for comment, but the stable coin usdc jointly issued by coinbase and circle was on the shelves as early as 2018.
Before the launch of busd, the coinbase platform has supported 8 types of stable currency transactions, including tether (usdt), USD coin (usdc), terrausd (UST), Dai (DAI), Paxos standard (pax), rai reflex index (RAI) and mstable USD (MUSD).
When coinbase (coin) was listed last year, Qian’an congratulated on Twitter and described coinbase as “the preferred exchange on Wall Street”, while Qian’an is an exchange called “all streets”.

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